Research is hard. Don't make it harder.

An AI research assistant to make reading, digesting and writing academic papers easier for all.

It uses a cutting-edge Natural Language Processing model to summarise research articles and books at different levels of understanding. This allows you to learn new ideas quickly and stay up-to-date with recent research trends without trawling through piles of papers. Not only can you engage with this information by prompting Feynman, but Feynman will also prompt you with questions directly so you continually engage with and solidify what you have learned. No matter what you're learning about, whether English Literature or Quantum Computing, Feynman can help.

Through a complex semantic network, Feynman shows you how new ideas fit into what you’ve already learned. Likewise, if you find yourself wondering what questions are yet to be answered in a field, Feynman can help with this too. Through deep generative models, it will provide researchers with potential directions to take their research, increasing their productivity and output. And for students, it can tell you what topics to learn next, whether you wish to get ahead in class or are simply curious.

Our goal is to improve how we learn and to bring down the barriers to knowledge by providing a field-specialised research assistant accessible to all.

We’re looking for partners and early-stage users, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact us at